My ride numbers from Palomar Mountain

Out of water and out of strength about ten minutes from the top

Distance from bottom to top of Palomar Mtn: 11 miles
Duration climbing: 1:29
Average watts climbing Palomar: 256 watts
Overall average watts for entire ride: 263 Watts
Total milage: 43
Total ride time: 3:15

I was hoping to get to the top in one hour 15 minutes. Next year. Tomorrow Tim and I go to the HealthNet camp and ride with those guys. The training camp saga continues…


  1. Erik says:

    Hey Neil,
    How did Floyd seem as far as fitness. It is amazing that he is riding like that post hip replacement. Truly an amazing athlete. I think the link is still on the fritz. Blogger has been real unreliable of late.
    thanks again,

  2. Neil@ROAD says:

    Floyd seemed really good. He’s been doing five hour rides. Allen Lim said that he is 40 watts below from where he was this time last year. That’s a good chunk of fitness, but it’s doable to get back to his old form.

    I swear your link is fixed. It was my fault why it wasn’t working.

  3. Erik says:

    It is very cool that you guys at Road are so accessible to the fans. Cycling rocks because of the community and even though it is so huge it is so close to everyone.

  4. Gary says:

    14 minutes off isn’t bad. I mean, you did manage a sprint against a sitting Tour winner. Besides, you’re hiding the pain well in the photo. You just look intense.

  5. Bob V in Baltimore says:

    Few questions…

    1) How did the Powertap 2.4 perform for you?
    2) IS it worth the $400 premium over the wired SL?
    3) How did you overlay your ride numbers with GPS?

  6. Jason Schifo says:

    Neil –
    Just want to say kudos to you and the crew @ Road for taking the position that Floyd is innocent before being guilty. To many Cycling publications that I now am a non reader of (Particularly a Phil Liggett run rag) have condemed the Tour winner in favor of having a place at the WADA run dinner table.
    Stage 17 was dynamic, it was daring, but it was also physically doable. Floyd took a chance that other riders dont take anymore. Eddy Merckx did it regularly and he is a hero – So is Floyd in my book, and also the folks at Road for taking “The Right” stand with the riders.

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