Production Week

This is the week when we put the magazine together. I’ve blogged about it before, just to give a general vibe of what happens. This week we didn’t have too many problems. We are just waiting for a final interview to happen, which should be any time now. As soon as I get some of it transcribed I’ll post it on the ROAD Mag blog. The only bit of discussion/drama we had was the cover. As I mentioned a week ago, we had Floyd and his crew into John Segesta’s studio for a shoot. Included was Sarah Hammer. John took some great shots of her and the interview went really well, so we planned on putting her on the cover. Then we saw the cover of Velonews. They have Sarah, Jill Kintner and Kristen Armstrong on the cover. Usually you don’t want to have the same person that another magazine has on their cover. But we decided that Sarah was worth it and deserves the cover. We can’t run a magazine on what others mags are doing, we have to be true to what we want to do. Anyways, it’s good to see those three woman getting the recognition they deserve.

I just finished interviewing Floyd Landis and I’ll post some funny snippets on this blog and the serious quotes on the ROAD Mag blog later tonight or first thing tomorrow. I need some sleep as well…


  1. chiefhiawatha says:

    Women on the cover of a magazine whose readership is probably 99.999% male…a recipe for low sales.

    I know many female racers. They don’t follow professional racing. They are into their own racing, and local racing, but could not even name 5 pro females.

    I’d rather see a cover shot of the new SRAM groups than women bike racers.

  2. Neil@ROAD says:

    I think you’d be surprised at how big our female readership is. Male readership is larger,no agument there, but there is a significant amount of women who read ROAD Magazine. Plus, Sarah’s story and what she went through speaks not to just genders but the struggles we all face trying to accomplish something. Spend the $6.99 and buy this issue, you won’t be disapointed.

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