Why pros should ride with me

Tim Johnson absorbing maximum Neil mojo

As I looked back at the past season and reflected I couldn’t help but notice that the pros who rode with me had a successful season. Early last year I rode with Tony Cruz a few times. Last season he rode strongly and notched up an overall win at Tour de Nez and re-signed with Discovery Channel. Then I rode with Floyd Landis at his PowerTap training camp. As we all know he won several stage races and was voted by VeloNews as their North American rider of the year. Then the racing season started in full force and I wasn’t able to train with any pros. But as the season wound down the requests to ride with me started to come in. I can only guess that word had started to spread within the peloton that riding with Neil at ROAD enabled riders to ride stronger. Immediately following the USA Cycling road race in Greenville, South Carolina I drove down to ride with Nathan O’Neill. We trained together for two days in the rolling hills of Georgia. Then just yesterday, O’Neill convincingly won his national time trial championships. In fact his average was 12 watts faster than the previous year. Coincidence? I think not. As the ‘cross season approached I trained with Tim Johnson. Johnson had a strong season and the only reason I can think that the full effect of my magical mojo didn’t completely rub off on him was due to the fact that other journalists rode with us. These other journalists probably bleed off some of my mojo that was intended for Johnson. I heard that the guy from Pez Cycling News had a great ‘cross season following our session with Tim. I think the lesson there is that pros need to ride with me alone for full effect.

Nathan and I in Georgia

I have recently ridden with Tony Cruz again. We tore up PCH doing lung busting, leg searing intervals. He’ll have a good season. At the end of the month I am going to the HealthNet training camp to do a little bit of riding. I believe that other journalists will be there as well, but if team management is smart, they’ll have a “Neil only” ride so riders may absorb maximum Neil mojo. Then in February I fly to Mallorca, Spain to ride with David Millar, Gilberto Simoni and Iban Mayo of Saunier Duval. Needless to say, I think you can look at these riders to have a fantastic season once I’m done with them.

So if you are a pro and you want to step up to the next level drop me a line and I’ll try to schedule some one-on-one time.

Cruz wanted my mojo so bad he moved into my neighborhood

I hung out with Kelli Emmette for two days in Idaho and afterwards she won the Iceman mountain bike race

I’ll be riding with these guys soon. Strong results will follow

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  1. UtRider says:

    One of our local fast guys who works for Reynolds will be at the HealthNet training camp. I’m thinking that if you ride with him, and then he rides with me, I may be able to absorb a bit of your residual mojo and be fast this year too.

  2. SLOVER says:

    See, I know you have the MOJO that’s why I ride with you!! Because I’m really going to this year..

  3. Josh Boggs says:

    I need some of that mojo, too! I may be able to win a Cat 4 race if I could get some of that. Can you e-mail mojo, or is it a “personal contact only” thing?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear UT Rider,
    Neil and I are old friends…There’s only so many people in Long Beach, you know.

  5. Josh Boggs says:

    Neil, I need some new posts. I’m tired of checking your blog and seeing Tim (Johnson) smiling back at me!

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