Mallorca is about vacation, not communication

The new Scott Addict

I´m here in Mallorca visiting the Saunier Duval team as they race in the Mallorca Challenge. Me, along with several journalists are in a hotel with no wi-fi or internet connection. In order to write this I´ve have to use the hotel cyber-cafe and pay for the connection. I haven´t been able to get my work email, so if you sent me something I´m not ignoring you. Or maybe I am…

The days so far have been spent riding the new Scott Addict bike equipped with Mavic Ultimate tubulars and the fizik k:1 saddle. A very sexy combination. We went for a nice 40 mile ride which was flat for about 18 miles, then a steep, two mile switch back climb to a monastery that is perched on the side of his hill. Very European. We had a quick presentation by David Millar who loves to drop f-bombs when he is describing a product. ¨This wheel is fucking stiff¨ was one such description. Later in the day we did a journalist´s junket tradition: go-carting. Here in Europe you don´t sign a waiver to race. You pay the Euros, they give you a helmet and you´re racing. No instructions were given as we are placed in carts that they say go 90 kilometers an hour. No one died, but Adrian Mongomery did push the limits on his cart and was the champion of the day. Naturally, we wanted to race again on Monday, but as is a lot of things in Spain, the track is closed Monday and Tuesday. That´s probably for the best.

I´m running out of time and Euros so I´ll sign off for now and try to blog later.

At the top of the climb

PS: For some strange reason I just got a wi-fi signal when I returned to my room. I’ll try and blog more often.


  1. Jason Schifo says:

    The bike rocks man. I bet that thing just flies up the climbs. So whats the word on Millar for the prologue? Even more important (though sure I will get alot of grief on this) How is Mayo looking? I know that he fell off a bit there the last coupole of years but I think that he will be back climbing like he did in 2003.

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