Hammer – World Champion again!!

I just received an email from Dr. Brent Kay, Sarah’s sponsor.

Sarah Hammer (OUCH Pro Cycling, Temecula, CA) just won the 2007 Women’s Pursuit World Championship in Mallorca, Spain. A big congratulations to Sarah and a big thanks to all you that supported and helped both Sarah and myself this past year.


  1. Jason Schifo says:

    Neil I know that taking to the road with David Millar is way cool but man you have got to schedule some time to tear it up with Sarah Hammer – This girl is the real deal. Girlfriend came once again with her game face on (see those Velo News pics from Casey Gibson of her warming up..) and shattered ego’s.
    This is seems to be a reoccuring theme lately. I helped out at the local clubs indoor triathlon this past weekend and the girls came to play hard taking all the top spots and shattering, as I said before, some tender male ego’s.
    Kudo’s to Sarah and to Road for being her biggest fan in print. Everyone else tries but it just feel like an afterthought….
    Face it you guys are the only ones who put her solo on the cover in that wonderful ” Call a contractor because I am going to tear this town up” pose.
    “Shake and Bake” Jason

  2. Jason Schifo says:

    PS – – – – Being a fan of all things good and remotely free – How does one attain the high quality, 100% combed cotton wonder known as the “Road” t-shirt?
    I might even be willing to scrounge up $5 for it……(Hey thats Taco Bell money!)

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