I’m the world’s biggest poser

I received an email from an editor buddy of mine at VeloNews asking if I’d seen the newest issue of Triathlete. I admire triathletes but I have no reason to read the magazine. I replied that I hadn’t, but he had piqued my interest. “Why do you ask?”

He responded that a photo of me was in the magazine with the title, “World’s biggest poser.” I could not stop laughing. This was great; I’m in Triathlete! And no, the guys at Triathlete don’t hate me. That photo was taken at the Floyd Landis PowerTap camp by a photographer that both ROAD and Triathlete use. Also, it fits what the article is about. The article is about riding in a team kit and I’m in the my ROAD kit. Behind me is my buddy from Bicycling, also in his kit. Plus, next to me is a professional triathlete, so all the elements of the article are tied in to the photo. Check it out, the April issue of Triathlete. Now if I can get mentioned as the web site of the day from VeloNews my life will be complete…


  1. Josh Boggs says:

    Congratulations on your latest accolades! Heck, for years I thought I was the world’s biggest poser! Thanks for taking that burden off my shoulders!

  2. Jason Schifo says:

    Man and in print no less……Oh well Neil if ya gotta be a poser might as well be one in “Triathlete”….luckily most of us penniless cyclists (We have to give up doing laundry the week Road comes out to make the purchase) out there wont see the pic and your good name will not been soiled to the loyal few (much sarcasm and accolades Mr. Browne!)
    Seriously though – thats a great picture. I am totally for cropping it and making t-shirts…..
    Well if ya gotta laugh might as well be at yourself.

  3. theresa says:

    Neil, I have to say how disappointed I was that you didn’t talk to Sheryl Crow at DC training camp!!! The issue is great; but that would have been a special treat!!

  4. Neil@ROAD says:

    Sheryl was talking to someone she knew and I didn’t want to interupt. To be honest I wouldn’t know what to ask her other than, “So Sheryl, what brings you to the Discovery Channel camp? Wink, wink…”

  5. Reed says:


    Only those of us who know you personally can truly know the spirit of fun and humility with which you really are taking this SLAM! Ouch!

    You are no poser to me – not at least until I can beat you up the hill to Whistler!

    And while I personally do not subscribe to this philosophy, you know what they say – “real men race bicycles, others tri”.

    I nearly busted a vein watching the Robot Chicken – Lance Armstrong piece – but don’t tell you know who.

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