“Neil, what’s going on with your hair?”

My hair, pre-styling. Notice the out of control cow-lick and fluffy sides. Also my sideburns are like curb feelers.

Tim Johnson told me before the start of the Oak Glen stage that he loves my new haircut

I’ve been at the Redlands Classic these past couple of days. The first day a few managers and riders commented on the length of my hair. I admit it, I don’t spend a lot of time on personal grooming. Tim and I often let personal hygiene slide when we hit the road when we cover the tours… but I digress.

So on the drive back home (I only live a little over an hour from Redlands) I knew I had to make a phone call to my personal stylist. I know what you’re thinking, “Neil has a stylist?” and “Well it must be Slover, the metrosexual hairdresser to the stars.” Both of these statements are true: I have a personal stylist, but Slover, due to his busy schedule, only does my stylings when I do television and radio appearances. He doesn’t lower himself to do my hair for my road trips. So I go to my back-up stylist: Pedro. Everyone should have a back-up stylist.

So this morning as I made the rounds through the team cars talking to riders and managers, almost everyone commented on my shorter and stylish hair cut. Yep, I’m back to being extremely attractive.


  1. SLOVER says:

    If you and Tim need some VIP treatment I’m there!!
    I just got my mac cosmetics sponsorship.You guys are going to look so HOT!!!!

  2. steve says:

    ok is it just me or is Johnson doing his best Freire look? is it possible the mojo works even with a stand in? good god..the possibilities…
    felicitaciones Oscar !!!

  3. tim@road says:

    Hey browne the cut makes your head look bigger. Oh wait it already is! Maybe HAMsome not HANDsome. Does Slover do waxing? Love you Slove!

  4. Jason Schifo says:

    So I see…now that you are a World-Class Poser from the pages of Bicycing you got the new makeover….was that courtesy of your agent (everyone knows only the most famous of famous posers have agents)? Or should I be looking for you soon on the next installment of TLC’s “Makeover Story” ?!?!?
    Looks good though…Most of us cycling dont have alot of cash so at least we can have style right? Anyways I was wondering when you were going to ditch the Talledega Nights – Ricky Bobby haircut you were working on… “Shake and Bake..”

  5. Myogenesis Nutrition p/b Landmark Dodge Pro/Am Cycling Team says:

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