Check out this photo squence of the crash

Seth Floyd is the resident IT guy here at the Tour de Georgia. But when he isn’t getting the internet working for a bunch of whiny journalists, Seth is an amateur photographer. And as any photographer will tell you, you sometimes have to be in the right spot at just the right time. Seth was at the next to last corner on the final circuit of stage 2 when this happened. Remarkably the BMC rider got back up, unfortunately the Priority Health rider didn’t. Check out Seth’s blog at I asked Seth what his blogs are about, “They’re about cool things I see during the day.” Sounds like my blog…


  1. Jon says:

    Did you hear about the fan that crashed going down Brasstown Bald after the stage? I haven’t seen anything in any news reports as to whether or not he survived. Just wondering if there was any news inside the media crowds.

  2. Neil@ROAD says:

    I just read on cyclingnews that the poor guy crashed into a wall and is paralysed from the waist down.

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