Tour de Georgia here we come!

This is probably going to be my ‘look’ for the next eight days

I’m almost outta here for the Tour de Georgia. I’m 99% packed, I just need to toss my laptop into its carrying case and I’m off. This trip I’ve decided to pack a little lighter and go with the bare essentials. I’ve got several ROAD t-shirts, one collared shirt, shorts and a pair of trousers. In the past I’ve brought a couple of nice shirts and pants in case we are invited somewhere nice. At the Tour of California we ate at an expensive restaurant in San Francisco with the National Team, so I needed to look a little spiffy. But this is the Tour de Georgia and I think we’ll be eating at the Waffle House most of the time. Tim claims that he is packing so lightly that all he’ll have is carry-on for the flight. I can’t see that happening, but maybe he’s a master packer and has squeezed all his clothes into his camera bag. The other option is that he’s only bringing two pairs of everything. Speaking of Tim, he is a Tour de Georgia virgin, so this trip will be full of surprises for him. Humid weather, chance of thunder storms, boiled peanuts, small winding country roads – we’re not in California anymore.

Check back to this blog as well as the ROAD Magazine blog for video, audio, photos and rambling text from the Tour de Georgia. I might be able to talk Tim into continuing his series of ranking the hotels we stay in.

These are the only clothes I’ve ever seen Tim wear


  1. Sean Weide says:

    I’ll have to rate the Wyndham as a 5 and the Hampton as a 7 – though I think there should be points taken off for not having an elevator.

  2. joshkadis says:

    Yeah, you totally brought your spiffy outfits for the Tour of California. No other possible explanations for how you acquired those…

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