It’s Nice to Be Home

Working our interview magic at TdG

Photo: Liz Kreutz – The Paceline

This year started with a rush and by the end of April I was feeling drained. When we make an issue of ROAD there is all this build up to get it done. Then suddenly it’s over and we have another deadline. I feel like Sisyphus. No sooner do we roll the boulder that is ROAD Magazine to the top, it rolls back down again.

We put our Tour de Georgia issue to bed last Monday and we have some breathing room till the next issue. So last week I decided to cram in as much riding as I could. So as I sit here on Sunday, I have trained for 16 hours this past week and my legs feel like they are pieces of wood. I can’t remember when I did that before. It was probably before I had this job at ROAD. But just in case my publisher thinks I completely slacked off, I did conduct a few interviews, as well as make arrangements for others for the upcoming week, so I don’t feel too guilty. But this easy work week was necessary for me. I didn’t feel motivated and my thoughts and ideas were all jumbled. By training as hard as I did this week it feels like I did a ‘control, alt, delete’ on myself. All the crap that was floating around in my head is gone and I feel motivated again for the next issue. Also, I’m only doing a little bit of traveling this month, and the trips are going to be a nice combination of work and pleasure. As I get closer to leaving I’ll talk more about them. Tim and I will continue to do some video blogging and I’ll try to get back in the habit of blogging on this site too. Hell, next weekend I’ll probably even race…

Shooting at the Mallorca Challenge, Spain (January)

Photo: Sean Sullivan – Mavic


  1. Josh Boggs says:

    Good to have you back, bro. I’m updating my blog very soon. I also need to get with you on some back issues of ROAD. When Freddie Rodriguez stopped by our shop last week, I got him to autograph a copy of the article you did about him this winter. He and his family want a few copies. Give me a shout and let me know how I can get my hands on a few for them. Thanks!

  2. Seth Floyd Jr says:

    guys…how can I get a issue with the TdG coverage in it?? I dont think ive seen the mag in stores around here

  3. Neil@ROAD says:

    We just sent the TdG issue to the printer last week, so you should see it on newsstands by the week of the 14th.

  4. Josh Boggs says:

    Seth, check Kroger. They carry it up here in Woodstock. Also check Barnes and Noble. They’re good about keeping the most current issue of ROAD in stock… or you could just subscribe…

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