I’ve got image issues

At the Redlands Classic and I’m feeling fat

Against my better judgment I stepped on the bathroom scale for the first time in a long while. I knew it wasn’t going to pretty as I have had a few road trips and not eating food that’s good for me (i.e. Waffle House). To my horror I weighed in at the heaviest I’ve ever been, 182 pounds! Just to get some stats on myself I’m 6’2” and not at a point that I need an intervention with Richard Simmons. Last time I weighed myself I was in the upper 170s. At my peak as a racer I was weighing in at 161 pounds. A few months ago I swore that I would watch what I was eating. I did watch as I ate Sonic Burgers, guzzled Red Bulls and compulsively consumed Red Vines like a junkie goes through smack. Then going on the road didn’t help much. We ate crappy food and I don’t get a chance to ride. Sure we walked a lot in Georgia, but that’s not the same as doing two hours on the bike. So from here on out I’m going to make a good effort at eating well and training. I’m hoping that making a public declaration of my intentions will keep me motivated. Plus, I have a couple of trips that require I be in some sort of shape. Next week Tim and I head off to the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas to interview and ride with Jeff Louder of Health Net, ride the new Lew wheels and see what the casino has to offer for people who are looking for more than a hang-over for their Lost Wages experience. After that I fly to Wisconsin for the Trek road bike launch were editors from the various magazines will participate in a century ride. I got off to a good start last week. I went from zero hours of training the week before to 16 last week. This week my legs started off feeling a little heavy, but I’ve got in almost five hours already. Tuesday I rode extra before the EL Dorado training criterium and then yesterday did over two hours of riding by asending Old Road, which is a road that parallels the 5 freeway up to the Grapevine. As I write this my window of opportunity to ride is shrinking faster than a Cape Canaveral shuttle launch, but maybe I can get out for at least an hour. Wish me luck…


  1. blue squirrel says:

    much to my surprise, i found that breaking your collarbone can aid in the losing of weight. i have lost 10 pounds [granted most of it is muscle, but 10 pounds is 10 pounds.]

  2. Jason Schifo says:

    Man I gained when I busted my collarbone – – and had to work doubletime to get it back off — which by the way sucks hard. Its bad enough trying to keep a vigilant eye on the diet for the coming season but to then have to shave it right to the line to lose some extra pounds is hard. Luckily now I am truly justifying the $80 food scale I bought last year.
    Probably the worst part about the break was trying to get the form back. The TT bike position changes – the road bike position changes a little. The shoulder never seems to be the same again….
    Oh well…

  3. Steve says:


    Met you at the TdG. Yeah, you’re huge, whatever!

    Love Road. But it’s hard to find. Never at B&N, have to go to Books A Million to get it. (Can’t subscribe… got a little marital squabble over extra-curricular reading and expenses these days.)

    Anyway, you and Tim do some great work. I love whoever does the page layouts. You always pick a great photo, then totally make it fit the page. Things like whiting out the sky and making the text box seemlessly integrated with the picture. Even when you mix color with B/W photos on the same page, you make it work.

    So good on ya, keep up the good work.

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