Just happened to notice this…

Not to throw fuel on the SRAM fire, but has anyone noticed that today’s Giro stage winner, Leonardo Piepoli of Saunier Duval, has different looking levers? The left brake lever looks to be made from aluminum. The right lever looks to be the standard carbon lever. This differs from a photo I took of Millar’s bike at the TdG which shows both levers constructed from an aluminum looking material. Very interesting…


  1. Alex says:

    Yep, I noticed it as well. At a glance the alu one seems a bit longer than the standard Force one and would be for the front mech, right? Does that suggest a revision to include trimming?

    Check out this pic of Simoni:


    He’s got a matching pair of the unbranded ones like Millar’s. Perhaps they’ve only got enough for their top names to have a full set.

    Ricco was riding standard set of Force:


    I’ve been riding SRAM since the beginning of the year and can’t fault the shifting at the rear and don’t really see a huge problem with the lack of trim as it stands.

  2. Neil@ROAD says:

    Yeah I’ve been using the Force group of a while too. Adjusting the trim on the frt derailluier hasn’t been that big a deal to me, but I gotta complain about something…

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