Now I can die happy

Prototype SRAM levers

Back in March I posted about a photo of me that was used in Triathlete Magazine with the heading, ‘World’s biggest poser.’ I thought it was funny and knew that the guys at Triathlete weren’t being mean to me. My last sentence in the post stated; “Now if I can get mentioned as the web site of the day from VeloNews my life will be complete…” While I didn’t make it as a web site of the day on, I did get a plug for my investigative journalism of the new SRAM Force Group at the Tour de Georgia in an on-line article by Matt Pacocha. Thanks Matt! Now my new goal is to be mentioned on the Pro Cycling Magazine website or blog.

On a side note: Hey Zellmann, where’s my white brake hoods!?!?!

Millar’s prototype equipped Addict from the TdG

David “Deep Throat” Millar spilled the beans to me about the prototype group


  1. Anonymous says:


    You can die doubly happy. (Not to be confused to Dolby happy.) You were also mentioned in VN’s Bike Talk Forum.

    (Don’t bother looking for it… you’ll have to scroll through all kinds of Landis/LeMond crap to find it.)

    By the way, you’re not a real poser unless you spell it “poseur.” If you spell it Yank-style, you’re only posing about being a poseur.


  2. Josh Boggs says:

    I’ve got some spare red hoods for the Force stuff. Let me know if you want a pair.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Where can I get me a pair of RED hoods!?! Let me know my good man…thanks!

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