Armstrong and Landis: Compare and Contrast

After riding with two Tour de France Champions, Armstrong and Landis, my BFF at Bicycling Magazine and I couldn’t help but note a few comparisons.

  • When we rode with Landis at his Power Tap training camp we were almost arrested by the local sheriff for blocking traffic. Riding with Armstrong we had a police escort.

  • During our training ride with Landis getting burgers was his idea and he ate with us. During our ride with Armstrong at the Madone launch, we rode to a café for burgers, but Armstrong left and didn’t join us. We’re guessing he had to ride with Trek dealers.

  • We drank beers with Landis at his house and at the Power Tap training camp. He seemed to have a good time. When I told Lance we’d gone out Thursday night, had a few drinks and a couple of laughs, he seemed to have honestly regretted missing the opportunity. However, I’m guessing he quickly got over not going out with us.
  • Landis rides an aluminum Pegoretti made in Italy. Armstrong has a high-modulus carbon fiber Madone made in Wisconsin.

Custom painted with Jack Handey quotes.

Custom painted by hand.

Two police motorcycles and a squad car provided a rolling enclosure for us during our 20 mile ride.

PowerTap camp 2006. Riding in a double paceline and hoping we don’t get hassled by the police.


  1. Jason Schifo says:

    In that second photo were you extolling the virtues of Waffle House to Lance?
    BTW I think that Lance was probably wishing he had gone out with the crew. I can only imagine that the grind of “being Lance” gets old and it would probably be nice to cut lose with someone other than beautiful women, hollywood stars, and heads of state…..If only us common folk could have such perspective. :)

  2. Paterfamilias says:

    Can you remember any of the Jack Handy quotes on his frame?

    My favorites are:

    It takes a big man to cry, it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.


    Although he was an enemy of mine, he had a good strategy, first he punched me, then he kicked me, then he punched me again.

    2nd to last,

    The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face.


    Boxing is a lot like ballet, except there is no music, no chorography, and the dancers hit each other.

  3. cat2bike says:

    from Theresa

    I still rather hang with Floyd! And I’d love to go to one of his camps, but I’m intimidated by the racers! I’m not good enough, unless he has a beginner’s group!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Floyd. Remember that one time you killed it on stage 17, and Kloden and all those other clowns were like’dude, you’re breaking now?’? That was cool.

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