Reaching into the ROAD blog letterbag

In an effort to answer questions posed to me on the blog and to my email, I’ll try and answer some queries.

Dan P asks…
Hey, that’s really cool! At the end of the film someone says “It was supposed to break.” Did they elaborate on what the expected result was? I’m wondering if they’re testing to see if it won’t break, or if it breaks properly.
Neil: The person saying that was an editor being a smart ass. My occupation is filled with smart asses. Yep it was supposed to break. The machine tests to see how much force is required to destroy a wheel.
This guy is a smart ass

Jon states…
Dude! You have the coolest job!
Neil: Yes I do. Except when the magazine is due, then the job isn’t so desirable.

Paterfamilias asks…
Can you remember any of the Jack Handy quotes on his frame?
Neil: Yes I can. A few gems are, “Where do forest rangers go to get away from it all?”, “Why do banks charge you an insufficient fee on money you don’t have?” and “How is it possible to have a civil war?”

cat2bike wonders…
I still rather hang with Floyd! And I’d love to go to one of his camps, but I’m intimidated by the racers! I’m not good enough, unless he has a beginner’s group!
Neil: Don’t be intimidated so much to not attend one of his camps! Floyd is a great guy and spends time with the whole range of fitness levels that attend. The campers are put into groups that match their ability. I’ve been twice and everyone I’ve seen has a great time.

Anonymous said…
You were the best looking of all the road editors on that nice LeMond bike though. Apart from the guy from Cycle Sport obviously!!!!!
Neil: The CycleSport guy is better looking than me?!?! Hey, I like Ben and enjoy their magazine, but seriously, you think he’s better looking than me?

One of my better self-portraits

Anonymous said…
Any idea as to what the tour squad will be riding this year?
Neil: I posed that exact question to Discovery Channel’s Trek liaison and he told me that at the Dauphine the riders will be riding the new Madones painted in team colors. I have a source that may be getting a team bike and if he does I’ll snap photos and post.

Anonymous observes…
The bike looks really nice. But what’s with Lance going sockless (or super short socked)?
Neil: Yeah, the new Madone is a bit of a departure from Trek. But what little time I had with the bike I enjoyed the ride. I’ll be getting mine this week coming up. Lance is retired and probably looking to get rid of tan lines and that’s why he wears super short socks.

Anonymous observes…
I keep reading your blogs, but you really say very little. You are the quintessential narcissist… tell us something other than what you think…
Neil: I get that a lot from ex’s. Did we ever date?


  1. Josh Boggs says:


    The jersey really looks PRO. If you’ve got a large bib, I’ll buy it from you to make the matching kit. Let me know.

    I’m launching a crazy attack on our shop ride tomorrow morning because I don’t have a lot of time to ride. Can’t wait to see everyone chase me in my ROAD kit!!! Thanks!

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