Versus’ highlights of the Dauphine Libere

For whatever reason my TiVo didn’t record the highlights of the Dauphine. Thank god for YouTube!

Even though the crash looked painful, Levi is okay.

Check out our photographer Al Crawford’s adventures at the Dauphine at the ROAD Magazine blog. Not only did he get some great images, but he also got the low-down on the new Mavic wheels.


  1. Josh Boggs says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I responded on my blog, so you’ll have to go back and read it there so my site counter will go up.


  2. Odie says:

    Neil, Was it your TiVo or VS? Vs had technical difficulties on Jittery Joe’s day, and they updated their website to list the Dauphine, but we got a bio on Greg Lemond instead. Lot of that going on… global conspiracy or something.

  3. MarvinK says:

    I found Versus to be one of the least reliable channels for my Tivo. I had the same problem with the Jittery Joes/Lemond mix up. It also seems like they have a tendency to change their series title–which poses problems for Tivo, too. I ended up having to do a “cycling” keyword to get it to record stuff consistently. Of course, it doesn’t help if it isn’t actually cycling–or the guide is wrong. In any case, I sure wish I could get Versus to consistently record properly!

  4. bbieberitz says:

    But he scratched that sweet Madone!! I sure he recovers from this and buids back the confidence. It really is too bad

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