A new cycling term


Function: Noun

Etymology: Old Italian, “a destroyer of enemies”

Definition: A person who is so strong he/she is able to tear away from the charging peloton and snatch victory. Example: “I thought I was going to win till Slover pulled a Cancellara on me.” Also see Balls.


  1. Jason Schifo says:

    Yeah no doubt Neil – – – That was massive. You could see Boonen – McEwen – Zabel – and the other pure sprinters winding up and Cancellara just torpedo’ing off the front. Even more stunning was the versus overhead shot of that where you could see the massice gap he created!

  2. Chris says:

    But how much of that was from his massive effort vs the rest of the field just waiting. Looked to me like an awful lot of jockeying was going on and the peloton just let him get away (while the breakaway riders essentially gave up at the end).

    My $0.02.


  3. d says:

    No one gave up, no one waited. Fabian was simply the strongest guy out there. OTOH to credit the term to him is overlooking all those who have done these moves before. Slava Ekimov comes to mind as does Rubens Bertogliati who pulled off a similar attack at the 1k mark when he won the first stage of the 2002 tour…

  4. Anonymous says:

    smokin’…i musta watched that finish 20 times…now.

    if i wake up in the morning and my coffee does not work…i just hit FABIAN on youtube! let that be a lesson to wheel-suckin’lead.out-200m waiting-sprinters-round-the-world.

    where he’s looking back and just hits another gear…like he didn’t just ride a kilo…he then decides to sprint. there needs to be a jersey for the biggest nuts! HUGE!

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