David Zabriskie press conference comments

In classic David Zabriskie style, he killed at the press conference. Tim will be posting the video and it is worth checking out. You can almost feel sorry for the moderator. Almost…

Zabriskie approached me after the press conference and did his secret behind the back handshake. We exchanged quick pleasantries and then he told me he was going to the bathroom and did I want to join him. Yep, classic Zabriskie…


  1. Anonymous says:

    DZ’s sctick used to be funny…now I just think he’s a moron who really can’t put a sentence together.

  2. Jason Schifo says:

    I actually find Dave to be quite funny and refreshing in a sport where so many people take themselves so seriously. Now Dave and Floyd together well thats not just quite funny but goddamn funny.
    Now Niel posting on his his blog more often so that I am not checking three times a week to read the same post is quite goddamn frustrating…
    BTW – – If you want your posting to carry any weight try hitting the “choose an identity” selector rather than “anonymous” – which makes you look like a moron that cannot put a sentence together.

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