In Greenville and blogging

Tim working hard. Hey Schamber, shave for crying out loud!

I’ve been off the back with my blogging lately, but we have been slammed. Deadlines and travel have played a part in my lack of posts. Plus I really haven’t had anything to blog about. But as I write this Tim and I are at a local coffee house in downtown Greenville putting the finishing touches on the issue that goes to the printers Tuesday. Usually we’re in the office doing this, so it’s a nice change of pace (although a bit stressful) to be making the magazine in a coffee shop.

We are hanging out with the Jelly Belly riders this weekend. I’m scheduled to go on a training ride with them this afternoon. The riders have promised to go easy on me, but I don’t trust them. It always seems riders take a perverse pleasure in making editors suffer.

In a few hours there is a pre-race press conference. David Zabriskie is going to be there. He is always interview gold! We have a video camera with us so look for wacky Zabriskisms later.

I’ll try really hard to blog more often…

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