Carey, myself and Reed

All done with the 75 miles. Had a quick lunch and beer and now I’m on the way to the airport. The folks at Raleigh were fantastic and I had a great time. Next stop, Tour of Missouri!

Posted by Treo


  1. Jason Schifo says:

    I have to say Neil that as I am sitting here at 5:30am drinking my wakeup cup of coffee I am pretty envious of the things you do for a living…. :)
    BTW the Specialized glasses look pretty cool – Not as cool as the trusty Radars you loaned Millar though…
    How do they ride though? Are the optics all that Specialized is making them out to be?

  2. Jason Schifo says:

    BTW hope to run into you at the ToM….Looks like the fam is planning either to do St. Charles or the finishing circuits in St. Louis. Not a bad trip down from Peoria to see Disco’s last ride. I think that the last stage will be pretty special for them as a team.
    Wondering out loud if this will be the one for Big Hinc?? A parting win and thank you for all his work or if Levi will tuck another under his belt??

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