Day three and it looks like I’ll survive

On the front line and wondering what the hell I was going to do next

To be honest nothing here at the show blew my socks off. Sure there is the SRAM Red group and the carbon fiber Dura-Ace crank, but nothing else that caught my eye. Maybe as I decompress from the show and go through all the stuff we got I might find a hidden gem. But one thing that was great were the races! The ‘cross race was amazing and the WCS Criterium Championship last night was epic. At both events thousands of people lined the fence screaming and ringing cowbells. Interbike must have this again next year! How’s this for an idea; a crit course that goes thorough the Venetian and onto the Strip? Just a thought…

I raced the Industry Cup and barely survived. Cannondale was kind enough to supply me with their Super 6. I also wore the new Giro optics, so I could see who passed me very clearly. So at least I was looking pro before the start. The promoter called me up to the front row so I was obliged to at least race one lap at the front. Lining up next to me was Mario Cipollini! I had actually seen him ride out of our hotel and had exchanged a few pleasantries with him. He kinda remembered me from last year’s Interbike when we did a photo shoot and interview. So I do one lap at the front and then they ring a prime bell. Oh shit, now I really got to stay at the front and at least make an effort! I have no snap so I don’t come close to winning the prime, but I can feel the smoldering burn in my legs. I slide back into the front of the group. As smooth as silk, Cipo passes me. I try to jump onto his wheel but immediately start to flail. I am perched on the tip of the saddle punching the pedals as hard as I can looking for a gap in the strung out line of riders. One opens up and I slide in, spent and borderline nauseous. I spend two laps trying to recover then a crash in front of me opens up a gap. I’m done and can’t catch back on. I roll through the finish line with my hands up in a victory salute. I think I did a total of about eight laps. But how many regular schmucks like me can say that they toed the line with Mario Cipollini? Rich Hincapie came over to me as I was cooling done and asked how I was. All I could do was hack and cough like a ’72 Buick. After I got throwing up in the infield I actually realized that I had a pretty good time. Next year I will train seriously and bring my “A” game…

Post-race cool down and pre-puking

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