Discovery continues to dominate

Discovery Channel continues to rule the ToM. From a P.R. standpoint that is a good thing. People want to see someone famous winning. However the organization was not that excited by the lack of racing by the peloton yesterday. From our point of view someone else challenging for the Yellow Leader’s Jersey would be a good thing. An epic battle makes for good text. Discovery Channel pounding the crap out of the peloton every day isn’t as exciting. Who knows, maybe Slipstream will be aggressive tomorrow and ignite the race.

My favorite neighbor finishing. He warmed up on my rollers which he has “borrowed” for over a year.

Saunier Duval rider wheeling across the line. Needless to say, he wasn’t really trying too hard.

Bell helmet circa 1984. I may actually look like this in 40 years…


  1. Jason Schifo says:

    I agree…BTW your Segway skills looked to be freaking out the girls! But you did hit the mark at the end.Those would be way cool to cruise around the start/finish lines with. Maybe you could review one in the next issue – Just think of the possibilites – –
    TT Segway(aerobars!) / Cross Segway / MTB Segway / Commuter Segway (with basket on front)….
    Looks like with Waffle House and Segway ROAD is literally on the “fringe” of corporate sponsorship…

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