F’ it! I went out and trained…

Just a quick jaunt through the sleepy burg of Santa Clarita, but enough to get a sweat going. My motivation? Two cans of Red Bull, the realization I will be racing Star Crossed this weekend followed by the Industry Cup in Vegas during Interbike, as well as a California Bicycle Racing sanctioned road race in October. I’m training full gas till Vegas baby!


  1. Anonymous says:

    come out thursday and roll latigo with slover and me. we’re both under motivated and hate everyone enough that having a new person to hate would be welcome and interesting.
    climbing slow and steady…. and only the first peak… like 35 minutes…
    then coffee.

  2. IB Rich says:

    You and me both, Neil. I found renewed motivation when I heard that Planet Bike is donating $5000 to Bikes Belong in the name of the last place finisher. All we have to do is not get lapped or pulled from the race. Come to think of it, with that many ex-pro’s on a 1km course, that might not be as easy as it sounds…

    Rich Kelly

  3. Neil@ROAD says:

    Can’t ride Thursday because of IB stuff I gotta do in the office. When I get back from my trips I want to train.

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