Hincapie Party ’07 and wrap-up

Well we have just woken up from an epic post-race party at the Hincapie headquarters. The men of the weekend, Dave and Levi, were naturally in attendance. Dave did leave early as he has got to get back to training for the upcoming Worlds. Levi hung out longer as his last race of the year is going to be Tour of Missouri, which i don’t think will be too much of a challenge from him. I have heard all kinds of rumors regarding Levi’s next team. The strongest rumor is Predictor-Lotto and one journalist swears that he is going to Slipstream. I’m guessing he will announce something prior to Missouri. I chatted to Tony Cruz and he gave me the low-down on the team’s strategy, which was fairly elementary. If Levi can get away solo, Discovery won’t work. If the peloton is still together at the finish then they would set up George for the sprint. Tony told me that John Devin was doing 380 watts on the second ascent of Paris Mountain. Tony pinned it at the bottom of Paris Mountain the following lap, took the field almost to the top and then Devine punched it past him to finish the climb off. Levi was yelling into the earpiece “You’ve killing them. Go, go!” and that was that. He was gone.

The general feeling from the riders was that they liked the changes done to both the time trial and the road race. The road race wasn’t the death march it was last year and was a little more strategic. Talking to Medalist it looks like neither course will be changed for next year.

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