Hincapie takes the stage and the Yellow Jersey

At times the chasing peloton was cruising at 13 miles per hour. The word in the press room is that Hincapie has this race won and the only fight will be for second and third on GC.


  1. Jason Schifo says:

    I seriously dont understand the peleton intention in this stage. I understand that most teams had a man in the break but clearly going up against a class rider like Hincapie should have been a red flag. To let a clear favorite gain so much time on the main group was silly.
    Not to mention that in order for racing in the United States to prosper the sponsors have to feel that they are getting their dollars worth – and that equates into the bang for your buck theory. As of right now with Hincapie TT skills in Europe the field is racing for 2nd and 3rd – the bang is gone. The sponsors are pissed.
    With a stage race that already has a pretty blah course (as a climber a course with no cat climbs is blah to me – and old Contador I bet)
    BTW did anyone see that pic of Levi talking to Jeff Louder in the KOM jersey at the start line? In the middle was Contador looking at Louder – I only wish I could read his mind looking at Louder who is a good climber in KOM as he is one of the best in the world….
    Still planning to come see the race even though the yawn factor is now in effect.
    At least I can take solice in knowing that if we hit the local Waffle House we will see senor Browne in a booth smothered, with three or four coffee mugs shoved in his pockets.. 🙂

  2. Funknuggets says:

    I agree, however, as I was milling about pre race… I talked to several racers from different teams, and even to some of the race organizers… and honestly… MORE THAN ONE said this is George’s race. Im not sure if there was some sort of unwritten gift to Georgie… but you KNEW this was going to be the Disco parade. Therefore… “I GOT THE IMPRESSION” that if Georgie got free in a break, it would go. Why leave it up to a few seconds when you have some super solid sprinters. He may ask Levi to sit back today in the TT so he can win and validate the TOM win.

    Contador got his, Levi got his, and now Georgie got his. I don’t really think that the sponsors are all that pissy. You have to admit that Postal/Discovery IS AMERICAN CYCLING to 90% of the people that will watch this race.

    The interesting thing will be to see what the joe cycling public, aka ms 150 enthusisasts will do next year. Who will they support? What team will they embrace? What team kits will they buy? I hope, for US and pro cycling… that RACES LIKE the TOM bring interest in Domestic pros, their teams, and American racing.

    Maybe then you will begin to see Navigator, Toyota United, etc kits at the sunday fun ride…

    As the race is already pretty much over… I think you might see Discovery allow a breakaway either to columbia or to St. Charles… and then control the St. Louis Discovery “farewell” victory parade circuit.

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