Holy crap! Browne has posted twice in one day!

My grounded plane was finally wheels up at 9:15 AM, much later than the 6:45 AM scheduled. But hey, that’s traveling for you.

Tim and I got back to our respective homes on Monday evening. I was due to fly out again Thursday for a visit to Raleigh in Kent, Washington. So we had two days to put the finishing touches on the magazine before we had to send it to the printers. So Monday I sat in front of my computer and banged out prose like there was no tomorrow! I went into the office Wednesday and helped proof the magazine, but I had to leave Tim at 11:00 PM so I could pack for this trip. What I basically did was take my clothes I wore for Greenville, removed the really stinky ones, added a couple of fresh t-shirts and zipped up the duffel bag. I was packed! Four hours of sleep later I was jumping into a cab for the airport. Didn’t I just return from an airport? At least this trip I will still be on Pacific Standard Time, so I got that going for me…

Other than the drama of this morning and the delay in take-off it has been a good day. Did a quick 27 mile ride on the ’08 Raleigh (see www.roadmagazine.net for more details). As I type this I am in a spare bedroom of Raleigh’s marketing guy Reed Pike. I know what you are thinking. Isn’t it uncomfortable staying at someone’s house? Well if they have a collection of human heads on display, sure it is. But I know Reed and to my knowledge he has no odd collections in the house other than cycling related paraphernalia, which I can relate to. Plus staying in a real room rather than a hotel room by myself is just good for me mentally. Too many hotel rooms and I start to crack! Tomorrow we have some planned trips to see vintage bikes and check out a unique bike shop called Recycled Cycles. So look for more blogs to come. Yeah that’s right, I’m blogging more than once a week!

Displaying my sprinting prowess on the banks of the Marymoor Velodrome

Usually you only see these small cars in Europe


  1. Jason Schifo says:

    Looks like you got a whole box of Specialized goodies. Shoes, helmet, and sunglasses…
    WTF is up with that car? Looks like my insurance agents wet dream – no accident survival rate at all!
    BTW – I agree on the room if you can stay at a house with some sort of “homey” feel its rocks over a hotel room – – well except most of the time people get pissy when i check pay per view porn late night at their house…
    Oh well…Nice to see you blogging more.

  2. Neil@ROAD says:

    Yep those are the new Specialized shoes, helmet and optics. The helmet is crazy light, the optics feel really nice and the new Boa system is an improvement over the previous model.

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