Interbike conversations, SMS’s and random meetings

Someone who came up to me at the Interbike show: “I read your blog all the time! What’s wrong with you?” Not sure if she was referring to me looking sick or perhaps my mental state.

Tim, ROAD art director/editor, upon our arrival to Vegas, “Weren’t we just here?”

Tim does impersonations of co-workers, athletes and people in the bike industry. I asked him to do an impression of me but said he couldn’t because I have too many personalities. That worries me…

“I hate both of you!” My response to Raleigh’s Reed Pike when he introduced me to Kenny Williams who broke away with four or so laps to go in the Industry Cup criterium and won.

“I’m surrounded by idiots!” Bicycling Magazine’s Mike Cushionbury complaining to me about having to go through the McDonald’s drive-thru at one in the morning. I wanted a filet fish burger, he wanted to return to the hotel. I was driving, so that trumps what the passenger wants.

Text message from Michael Cody of Jelly Belly: “Oh man are you ready for this? You gotta ask Powers about this joke we played on Bird”
I was driving to the Industry Cup when I received this and never found out what happened. Now I’m really curious…

Text message from Jodi Hall, marketing person goddess for Medalist, after seeing me self destruct at the Industry Cup: “You rock!”

Text messages from Tony Cruz after I suggested to his wife that he learn a new song on his bass guitar and not practice at 11:30 at night:
Cruz: What, are you trying to sleep at 11:30 at night?
Browne: Learn a new song!
Cruz: What do you prefer? Abba
Browne: Play some Slayer!
Cruz: It’s on now.
I’m afraid I’ve encouraged Tony in the wrong direction musically.

Met the Belgium Kneewarmers blog guy. Good dude and he has more hook-ups than I could ever dream of having!

My conversation with Mario Cipollini as he is rolling out of the Venetian to ride to the Industry Cup. I was waiting at the valet for my car to drive to the race.
Browne: “Ciao, Mario. Neil from ROAD scomparto. I interviewed you last year. Grazie.”
Cipo: Looking a bit confused, “Sure, sure” and rode past. I don’t think he had a clue what I was talking about.

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  1. bikesgonewild says:

    …courage, old chap…mario has never said a bad word against you, ‘cept maybe what he was muttering under his breath during i-cup…

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