Losing stuff, including my mind…

I have lost both the hat and glasses. There is a reward for the return of both

When I go on the road for any amount of time I bring a lot of stuff with me. Even when I have a day trip, I still usually bring a laptop and a camera with the accompanying cables and plugs. And usually I lose something. I visited Specialized for the day a few weeks ago and flew out of LAX. Landed in San Jose, rented a car, visited Specialized and returned the rental car. That’s when I discovered that my car keys were missing. Long story short, they were at the metal detector at LAX. I can only guess they fell out of my bag when being x-rayed. That was a happy ending. The following trip I lost my favorite shades. Then flying to Missouri I left my favorite black Hincapie cap on the plane. Luckily Rich Hincapie took pity on me and gave me another one yesterday. And then yesterday I lost my camera’s flash card. There were no shots on it so it was more of an aggravation than an actual catastrophe. In my own defense, I bring along a lot of stuff and I’m amazed that I don’t lose more stuff. I’ve only got a few more days here in Missouri and I’m hoping that I can manage not to lose anything else.


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