My mojo is working overtime!

I’ve posted in the past how riding with me increases your odds of winning or at least performing well. Cast your mind back a month. I drove down to San Diego to ride with and interview Neil Shirley. He’d had some good performances and he’s a good guy, so I asked him for an interview. He was very accommodating and actually asked if I’d like to drive down and ride with him for the day. Sure I would! As usual I got my ass handed to me, but as Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.” But looking back I now realize what Shirley was really after, my mojo! He had obviously heard about the power of my mojo from Nathan O’Neill, Jeff Louder, Floyd Landis and David Millar. These guys, as well as several other pros, have benefited from training rides with me. Shirley was looking to take my mojo and use it for Greenville. So to any pros out there who are looking to uncork an epic ride for Worlds, you know how to contact me…

Check out my Neil Shirley interview in the newest issue of ROAD.


  1. Jason Schifo says:

    Obviously based on your post then you must have been taking some discreet rides with Mr Leipheimer also…..That would explain the year he has been having.
    BTW can you stir the rumor pot as to where you hear Levi going to? I hear Lotto – but there is a blogging journalist that swears he is Vaughter’s mystery last rider in Slipstream’s 2008 roster.

  2. ddt240 says:

    Given Vaughter’s comments aluding that he would be making an announcement after the US pro championships depending on the results, I think a lot of people (myself included) are thinking the same thing.

    Unfortunately, it looks like everyone is staying somewhat tight lipped about it.

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