Playing hurt

This guy will be “playing hurt” the next day.

When you go to Vegas for Interbike you can expect to “play hurt.” What I mean by that is one night you will not return to your room till the sun is creeping back up over the mountains. The morning’s rays will burn your dilated pupils as you stagger back to your hotel, confused and slightly agitated. You will smell like smoke, Jager shots and be at least a $100 lighter. But you have appointments that you must make, so you shower, get dressed and go down to the show floor. Last year I did that and fully regretted it. I swore I would never do it again. I crawled through my appointments and prayed that God would have mercy on me and strike me dead where I stood. This year I have a plan to avoid that disaster…I am sick. Yep, all my traveling has caught up with me and I’m coughing and aching. I feel like crap and it just further illustrates how I am getting older. I don’t bounce back from traveling like I used to. So at this year’s Interbike I am going to try and take it a bit slower and not play hurt the next day. At least that’s the plan…

I’m supposed to go out with this guy tomorrow