Pre-road race prep

People often say that being on the road for a race must be fun. Admittedly it does have some fun moments. But after a long day of chasing athletes for quotes and filming the random stuff we come across, we require a little down time. And that’s not just us. All the journalists can be found hanging out a local drinking holes self-medicating with a couple of beverages. We ended up at an Irish bar with a couple of staff members from the race organization, as well as the editor from After several rounds of darts and a couple of pints it was time leave, return to the hotel and get ready for one of the longest days in our profession, the U.S. championship road race. On the schedule for today: team breakfast with Jelly Belly at Waffle House (look for the video to be posted later today on the sit), team meeting back at the hotel, downloading photos/video and then the drive to the start of the race. I’ll try and blog live from the race, cell signal strength permitting.

Mark from Yeah, he was drinking