Three o’clock slump

This is how motivated I feel right now

I’m back in my office for the first time in a long while. I knew it had been awhile when my boss said, “Whoaa…look who’s here!” The reason for me to come up to the office after coming home late last night was I needed to deal with a few minor dramas and to see what was in my office. My desk becomes a dumping ground for all kinds of mail and packages, which becomes ten-fold the week before Interbike. I have all kinds of invites to see manufacturer’s new products. Also we received the new issue of ROAD. The cover is unique and I’m happy with how it turned out. We make a few dummy copies before we send the issue to the printers, so I have a general idea of what it looks like. Now that I have it in my hands it looks even better. This is the one that we give out at Interbike, so if you are in Vegas pick it up at the front door.

Before I go to Interbike I’m flying up to Seattle (yep, I was just there about eight days ago) to race and do a story on Star Crossed cyclocross race. I did that event last year and loved it! And I have had some great riding with the Raleigh folks, but the Tour of Missouri screwed my up my training. So as I type this I am contemplating locking my office door and napping because I’m f’ing tired from traveling or chugging a can of liquid motivation (aka Red Bull) and head out the door to train. It doesn’t help that I just wolfed down a number 3 at Wahoo’s 20 minutes ago and like the All-Star platter from Waffle House, it is sitting in my gut like a rock. Now the decline magazine guys (the other magazine under the mighty H3 Publications umbrella) have just told me that they are going go-karting. Shit! Now I really don’t know what to do.