A night at the Track

Two awesome performances by two people new the Track – but neither new to cycling. Seventeen year old Taylor Phinney won the men’s pursuit and Dotsie Bausch won the women’s pursuit.

Can you spell DNA – and think Olympics??? With Connie Carpenter-Phinney for a mom, who went to the olympics at age 14 in speed skating – then won gold in cycling….and Davis Phinney for a dad, who also has a Olympic medal and was the first US cyclist riding for a US team to win a stage of the Tour De France, it’s natural to think that someone like Taylor (or Mini Phinney as he is known) would have been on the bike and racing from age 3 – well maybe racing trikes. But that’s not the case – Taylor started racing in the past two years and in that time has won the world junior TT championships and now has become the US Elite Pursuit Champion. And with the Olympics less than 12 months away it’s not surprising that they are on this kid’s mind.

Dotsie – who’s a well known racer on the road – decided to compete on the track for the first time – found a coach by the name a Sarah Hammer – and walked away with the Gold. Dotsie attributed much of her success to Sarah’s coaching and the fact that Sarah elected not to compete in the pursuit – waiting instead for World’s and the upcoming Olympics.
Several other notables could be found at the track including Slipstream’s Brad Huff – who took second to Phinney.

Priority Health’s Ben Jacque-Mayne, several members of the Rock Racing Crew,
Colby Pierce and Slipstream’s Michael Creed
Jenny Reed – who won the women’s kerin as two riders crashed in her wake and Becky Quinn, who took second in the women’s scratch race.


  1. bikesgonewild says:

    …as i read & scrolled down, the picture of connie, cheering w/ that fierce competitor’s look in her eye, brought a big smile to my face…
    …& the next picture w/ that wonderful proud look & beaming smile on davis’ face, standing w/ his son, taylor, well, i’ll be honest, it did bring a tear to my eye…
    …the man was so dedicated when he raced, that i know he approaches his current situation w/ that same determination…
    …hats off & hearts out to the phinney’s…

  2. Al says:

    Belive me – I definately had a tear in the eye last night as I watched Taylor cross the finish line with his mom in the background and his dad standing just behind me on the infield. A great moment in time.

    And you are right about Davis’s approach to his current situation…if anyone wants to help – here is a link to the Phinney foundation http://www.davisphinneyfoundation.com/

  3. Sean Weide says:

    Don’t forget Toyota-United’s Bobby Lea. Three of his five wins of 2007 came on the road. His victory in the Madison earned him a spot in the men’s endurance Talent Pool, too.

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