Quinn – 1st after being oh so close so many times

Becky Quinn – one of the US’s preeminent sprinters – took the Gold in the women’s points race at this year’s Elite nationals. Becky has been on the podium every year since 2000 – but it was this year that she stepped on to the top step.

Becky had a strong South Bay Wheelman team to help her in her quest for the elusive National title. However, the race wasn’t decided until the final sprint.

In the 100 lap, 25 k race, riders can score points every 10th lap – sprinting for 5 points for 1st – or by lapping the field for 20 points.

Becky – aided by her South Bay Wheelman teammates – was able to score in practically each of the sprints. However, Heather Albert and Katharine Lundby lapped the field mid way through the race – which put both of them ahead of Quinn.

Comming into the final sprint Quinn was 4 points down on Albert – thus she needed the final sprint to have a chance of taking the elusive gold.

It was hers…


  1. Solo says:

    Hell yeah!!!!
    These are my gals.
    They deserve big time props!!!
    Definitely kickin’ ass and takin’ names.
    Thanks, Señor Café(e).
    Expect more in the future!

    btw, dig your blog. Mad props to you, too!

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