ROAD Magazine’s official statement on Kid Rock’s arrest

As emails pour into the ROAD Magazine website, as well as the Neil@ROAD blog, we at ROAD are forced to comment on the unfortunate arrest of Kid Rock at an Atlanta Waffle House.

ROAD Magazine has always considered a Waffle House as a sanctuary for peace and good times. Nothing brings locals as well as professional cycling teams together than a hearty plate of grits. So we were saddened to hear of the recent physical altercation at this breakfast bastion. Nothing ruins a nice 4:00 AM Waffle House breakfast than two guys tussling in the parking lot. ROAD Magazine has been in touch with both Kid Rock’s spokesperson and, due to his relationship with Floyd Landis, Mr. Landis as well. Floyd wants to put to rest the rumors that the Floyd Fairness Fund will be used to defend Mr. Rock.

This statement was received directly from the FFF. “Contrary to rumors being circulated, the Floyd Fairness Fund will not be used to defend Mr. Rock in his arrest at the Atlanta Waffle House. He was married to Pamela Anderson, so it is apparent that he has the monetary means to properly defend himself in a court of law. That said, Dr. Baker is prepared to analyze any and all drug or alcohol related testing that might have been performed on Mr. Rock.”

Hopefully soon, I will be flying out to Atlanta and visiting the Waffle House in question.


  1. bikesgonewild says:

    …the ‘kid’ goes to ‘the waffle house’, gets in an altercation, gets arrested, gets off, gets the chicks & nobody hassles ‘im about his weight…

    …you go to ‘the waffle house’, get friendly w/ the locals, get a good meal, get a hat, get ’em publicity & then go home n’ get hassled about yer size…

    …ain’t no justice…get real…

  2. Seth says:

    two guys tusselin in the WH parking lot after a good hearty meal…man thats like a right of passage out here

    BTW…have you ever checked out the jukeboxes at the WH?? they have WH songs, and the waitresses LOVE to hear them over and over at 3AM

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