The best $28 I ever spent

Usually I forget to go to the mailbox and get my mail. However that all changed after I ordered my safety orange Team Waffle House cap. Breathlessly every day I listened for the postman’s footsteps, hoping that my cap would arrive. But alas, no cap. As I arrived home from my ride today I saw perched on my mailbox a small parcel! It could only be only be one thing, my Waffle House cap! I tore the box open and I was bathed in the cap’s illuminious orangeness. It is that orange! I think I must be the only person in Southern California that has a orange Team Waffle House cap. So look for me proudly sporting my cap wherever I go. My mood is definitely on an up swing now…


  1. bikesgonewild says:

    …the waffle house…a place in my mind i go to when there are too many decisions, not enough definitive answers n’ i’m going back n’ forth on deliberations…
    …& now i can buy a hat ???…awesome…like a neon orange thinkers cap…

  2. Anonymous says:

    dude! That’s awesome…I have the same one from TdG. Can we meet up in Portland for the USGP and wear them together?


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