The Southern California fires

A photo taken from the roof of the Oakley building in Irvine.

I appreciate the people that have emailed me concerning the fires that are raging through Southern California. Where I live until very recently the sky has been grey with ash, coating everything. I just got off the phone with a firefighter friend of mine and he said that people haven’t even seen the worse because tv crews can’t reach the areas burning. ROAD’s office is located in Santa Clarita, only miles from the Magic Mountain fire as well as the Castaic fire. I didn’t drive up to the office earlier this week because of the blaze. I talked to one of the decline Magazine guys and he said Monday it looked like the apocalypse had come. As I sit at my desk in Long Beach, the temperature has dropped and I think the air quality has improved somewhat, tempting me to at least go for a short run. My thoughts go out to those who have been displaced and lost their homes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice info on OCW post…take it easy Neal:
    As someone who has been involved with health and fitness for over 50 years I really want to encourage you to stay off the bike this weekend, unless you can ride it inside or at the gym. The longtime damage that you will do to yourself by riding outdoors this weekend will far out way the benefits. The medical authorities suggest you do not do outside physical activity for two weeks after the smoke clears. We cannot see the tiny particles being embedded in our lungs. Smoke effects include eye and respiratory tract irritation, reduced lung function, asthma, coughing and excess mucus.

    I urge you as a friend and as an avid cyclist that you do not ride your bike outside this weekend. The OC Wheelmen have postponed the fall metric because of the smoke. Cheers to that decision.

    Its hard for me to believe that there are any scheduled rides for this weekend by anyone.

    Again, I plead with you to take care of yourself by just relaxing and enjoying your life.

    Stay healthy, Link & Kathy

    PS . Share this with anyone you care about.

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