A new obsession

In the continual quest to not burnout and fade away, I’m getting reacquainted with mountain biking. Back in the day, I did have a bike that required 26 inch wheels, but due to living in a very urban area and the effort it took to actually get to dirt, I got rid of it. When the 29er craze started I asked decline Magazine’s tech guy what he thought of them. He thought it might be good for what I wanted to do which means nothing too technical and just roll along. Perhaps do some marathon races. So the other day I got my new issue of WIRED Magazine. They have a snarky section that tells you what’s Expired, Tired or Wired. Expired was recumbents (no kidding), Tired was fixies (to be honest those guys bug me), and Wired was 29ers. That’s all it took for me to take the leap and get a 29er. So I have a Raleigh XXIX coming my way. So now I’m going to incorporate my running, cyclocross, Pilates and some early season marathon races to my schedule. Somewhere in between that we’ll produce a magazine.


  1. Sean Weide says:

    Geez Neil, you’re making the rest of us sound very lazy.

    Take a load off. And eat your next meal at McDonald’s.

  2. UtRider says:

    Soon you’ll be wondering why you never ride your road bike anymore. It’s been over a month since I’ve been on mine…

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