Day One at the Milan Show

The dress code here at the show is a lot different than Vegas. Shorts and a bike t-shirt are the dress code there. But in Milan I think Zap from Mountain Bike Action/Road Bike Action and I are the only guys here walking around in a t-shirt and cap. Suits or at least a collared shirt are the standard dress. Tomorrow I might step up and wear a collared shirt, but I doubt it.

These first two days are devoted to motorcycles, so Chis from Bicycling Magazine and I walked around and checked out the throttle twisters. I don’t know squat about motorcycles, but I can appreciate the speed and skill it takes to race those things around a track. Tomorrow we head off to the Ghisallo, the home of the bike shrine/museum. Tonight we’re going to see the Last Supper mural. Very DaVinci Code…

Yeah, I’m really not sure what it is either