Day one of the Milan bike show

Colnago is considered the church of cycling in ItalyThe bike portion of the show is smaller than the motorcycle show and significantly smaller than Interbike. However they have set up a velodrome inside the show, which I will check out later. Also this is a cool opportunity to spend more time with the companies as they are not so rushed.

As we wandered around the show a trend among bike companies is to have at least one model that is an integrated seatpost/mast system.

The Colnago Master single speed. Check out the gold!

Remember Olmo? Yep, they make a integrated post too

Deda is unveiling their Zero100 Servizo Corse bar and stem. The selling points: light weight, ti 6/4 hardware, and it looks sexy

The indoor velodrome before the action

Ducati engineered road bike, Bianchi constructed. I think I’ll get one to match my Ducati motorcycle.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The Ducati branded bikes at InterBike in Vegas were made by Bianchi. So at Milan they’ve stepped up a notch? makes sense.

  2. Neil@ROAD says:

    My bad. The Ducati bikes are still constructed by Bianchi. I hadn’t drank enough esspressos yet when I wrote that.

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