I thought you were in Milan

The square by my hotel

Straight from Milan I flew to New York, then a quick flight south to Georgia. The reason? Tour de Georgia. As I write this I am in the possible host city for this year’s Tour de Georgia, Savannah. I have never been here, but if you have seen the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil you can get an idea of what the surroundings are like. Sprinkled between the art students from the nearby university are pick-up trucks with bumper stickers with such catchy phrases as, “They can take my gun from me bullets first.”

In Savannah many of the streets are paved in a European style, cobbled and broken. The city its self is laid out in English manner, meaning all the streets are on a grid with a square in the center, usually with a statute and always with a grass and park benches. Another random fact about Savannah is that it has the third largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the world.

Personally I think this would be a great town to kick off the Tour de Georgia. It has a very European flavor. Cobbled streets, great hotels, and amazing scenery makes this city a great addition to the tour.

You know Savannah is serious about St. Patrick’s Day when it has its own headquarters.

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  1. spokejunky says:

    Check out Vinnie a go go Pizza while you’re there. It’s at the square on Montgomery Street and West St. Julian Street. Good za. Also, grab a cup from the bakery next door in the morning…and observe the morning meal ritual that’s been going on long before cars.

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