It’s Production Week so that means Tommy’s Burgers

This is how cardiologists get rich. Top image is double cheese burger; below chili cheese fries with everything. Heartburn and an overwhelming sense of guilt is free.

For whatever reason, this Production Week was brutal. Production Week is magazine speak for putting the text and photos together and creating ROAD Magazine. Actually for me there isn’t a lot of work to be done. It mostly falls on Tim’s lap because he is the one laying out the magazine. I’m more there for support and filling in any gaps that may arise. And most of the time Production Week goes smoothly. But because we had a big gap between this issue and last, we both kinda slacked on working. It caught up with us. Last night we were in the office till 1:00 AM getting the issue out the door, which we did. But that is not before we ate at Tommy’s Burgers. For the five of you that read this blog and don’t live here on the west coast, Tommy’s Burgers is a burger joint that serves up the most visually disgusting chili burgers you can eat. But it doesn’t just stop at burgers, they also make chili cheese fries. And the piece de resistance to Tommy’s Burgers is that they are open late. Basically if you are drunk and need to sober up, you go to Tommy’s Burgers. So when the pressure is on and we need to eat dinner, we hop into the Scion, drive around the corner to Tommy’s Burgers. It’s comfort food of the worst kind. But it gave us the energy to continue and finish the issue. Thank God we only eat there once a month. Any more than that and I’m sure Tim and I would be dead from heart disease.


  1. Erik says:

    I grew up in Gardena and live in Minnesota because I married a Minnesotan and they never leave, or come home once they get married. It is a law as consistent as gravity. I grew up eating Tommy Burgers and I miss them. Thanks for bringing me back to my childhood.

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