LAX here I come!

This is my mantra when traveling to a foreign country

Today I fly to Milan for another bike show. I haven’t had a trip in a while that has required a passport, so my anxiety about this trip has ratcheted up a couple of notches. By nature I tend to worry. I used to worry about flying across the country, now that doesn’t concern me. However flying over the Atlantic to a country where I don’t speak my language concerns me. But it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I’ve already had a fellow editor from another magazine call me with his possible concerns.

Concerned Editor: “Are they going to be at the airport to greet us?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Concerned Editor: “Are you bringing cycling clothes?”

Me: “Nope, I’m already bringing too much crap.”

Concerned Editor: “I’ll call you when I get in.”

Me: “You can try, but I don’t have my phone set up for international travel yet.” And I thought I worried.

For my fellow editors out there who read this blog I’m bringing these items: camera, several pairs of jeans, ROAD branded shirts and sweater, three pairs of shoes, and my neon orange Waffle House cap. Feel free to substitute the ROAD branded shirts for your own magazine’s shirts. Maybe we can have a t-shirt swap at the end of the trip. While I am gone, Tim will be laying out the magazine and applying the finishing touches. This junket is a bit of bad timing in relation to when the magazine is due, but it’s a trip to Milan for crying out loud. I gotta go! Plus I’ve heard that it’s the fashion capital of the world and they are having amazing sales right now. I’m not sure what amazing sales mean, but I bet its still more than what I spend at Old Navy.

I’ll try and blog from the show floor if they have wifi, so check back often. I’ll have images of products and the random stuff that is guaranteed to happen when I go on the road…

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  1. Kangopsych says:

    This is indeed the best time of year to be in Milan: Normally, the price-to-fashion ratio is so high as to break the bank. But I’ve found absolute STEALS this time of year! Plus, the weather is perfect. So . . . hope you’ve put your passport-carrying anxieties aside. Enjoy your trip!

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