Making the pilgrimage

The Madonna del Ghisallo

The bike editors on this junket had the opportunity to visit the chapel of the Madonna del Ghisallo and the Museum of Cycling, both located above picturesque Lake Como. Needless to say, if you are a bike nut, you must make this pilgrimage. Afterwards our Italian host drove us down the hill to the town of Bellagio for a huge lunch. In classic Italian style, it was four courses that left us all completely bloated. We are so full in fact that none of us went to dinner! I may not eat again till I return to the States.


  1. Sean Weide says:

    I never realized Moser’s frame for his record-setting hour ride was so radical.

    The double disc wheels were always the odd site back then.

  2. blue squirrel says:

    the waffle house hat got you noticed and people started to talk, but now you are offically cool.
    ‘duh, have you been to The Madonna del Ghisallo’???, so cool.

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