Pedaling techinque video

I was lucky to have Nate Loyal fit me to my Raleigh and Scott bike yesterday. I’ve posted a video of Nate demonstrating proper pedaling technique on the ROAD Magazine site. You can also check out Nate and his coaching services at

I was also lucky to have my favorite metrosexual hairdresser Slover cut my hair before my upcoming trip.


  1. Anonymous says:

    next week maybe you’ll have nate do a demo on how to blink. sometimes i’m riding along and i get something in my eye and my eyelids just sit there… and i don’t know what to do.

    and nate’s so good at breaking it down and making it make sense… and all that. best coach on the west side…

    there are few spots more cozy in life other than tucked in on big nates wheel when he takes a 30 minute pull on pch. nuthin but love for the fella…

    also.. slover’s not gay… he works with a bunch of 23 year old girls with bad impulse control (tats a plenty)… that’s so not gay. if you wanna out him you gotta post pics of his pro roller skating days.


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