The Joy of Racing

My trusty steed

Last week’s cyclocross race was a bit of a disaster for me. I couldn’t focus on the task at hand. The result was a stupid crash and a mediocre result. My excuse was that it had been a rough couple of days. However, that was last week and I have since regained my focus, clarity and found the joy in racing again.

I raced twice Sunday and was fifth I my first race and 13th in the second. My legs seem to have come around somewhat. But what I really enjoy about ‘cross is eating the free hot dogs that are now being offered at the races I’ve attended. I think promoters should go Euro style and serve waffles, but I digress. The other aspect of cross I enjoy is being able to harass my friends when they are racing. To do this affectively you must find a spot where they will be going slow enough so they will certainly hear you. Another tip is, if possible, pick a spot where the racers will pass you twice in the same lap. The reason being is that you can hurl good natured barbs twice on the same lap. That’s twice the fun!

Luckily such a spot existed at Sunday’s race. I posted up at the sand pit which allowed me to yell at friends as they tried to navigate the most treacherous section of the course. From there the racers snaked out of view. A few hundred meters and the course turned back on itself and the racers came charging back at me allowing me to yell again. One buddy was determined to finish last, so he purposely soft pedaled around the course. I had no other option but to blast him with scud missiles of insult. Another friend was wearing a Bicycling Magazine jersey. Needless to say he was abused mercilessly. Between yelling at friends I spoke to Tony Cruz’s wife about the option of installing a hot-tub in the backyard. I think I have her convinced that having a hot-tub would be a good thing. Ultimately my master plan is to utilize the hot-tub for my own means; I just need to get the Cruzs on board with this idea.

I’m very close to talking Tony into installing a hot-tub in his backyard

At this point I’m wondering why I decided to race twice. Image stolen from Evomo Team Blog

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