Random photos from Dad’s camera

My dad had accumulated a bunch of photos on his camera’s flash card going back to this year’s Tour de France. So I downloaded them for him and will burn them to a DVD. Also on the card was a photo of a photo of him back in his racing days.

The prologue in London. Random Cofidis rider.

The crowds were thick in London. I read that England is bidding to host a stage for the 2012 Tour.

My Dad loves this photo. I think he secretly wants to be the Devil.

My dad is the second from the right. Check out the bikes: Brooks leather saddles, handlebar mounted water bottle cages, wool shorts, huge rake on the forks.


  1. bikesgonewild says:

    …TA crankset w/ mafac racer centerpulls, maybe weinman sidepulls on the other bike…’exposed bolt’ stems, cloth tape & an aluminum zefal w/ the 4in. hose that screwed into the bottom of the pump & then onto the valve-stem…
    …matching ‘singlets’…cool !…
    …what was the club & where ?…

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