Why you can’t chew gum in Singapore


  1. Anonymous says:

    hey neil,

    my lawyer, who netted a ton of cash for himself and myself too.. when i get creamed by a zillion dollar car a few years ago and got myself all jacked up.. wants to start advertising in bike mags.. since he’s been having kind of amazing outcomes with old former teammates that have been smashed by cars too.

    can you email me the west coast advert/marketing guy’s name at the mag so i can get him hooked up with y’all. $$$

    get me at noelomalley@earthlink.net or ask slover for my addy if it gets filtered here.


  2. spokejunky says:

    I always wondered if Mr. Wizard’s soul would be reincarnated. He’s a tour driver in Singapore explaining the electrical resistance properties of Hubba Bubba on mass transit systems.

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