Ryan Trebon’s crash at Nationals

It was a brutal hit. As you might know that crash took him out of the race.


  1. Anonymous says:

    having never raced cross… i was just assuming that they sent one or two riders bombing down the course going the wrong way at the start, and that what really happened here is that trebon foolishly showed up to race without his jousting pole and shield.

    on a rutted course there should be an official placed every ten feet acting as a sentry… and they should have blowdarts to render immobile any guys in kits with skeletons or zebra stripes, all the backmarkers should be shot, hucksters, cameron fox, or dudes going the wrong way should be tagged and returned back to their natural habitat (gay bar, and or small community college, or fast food joint as it were).

    i’m just sayin’


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