Happy Anniversary to me

My luxurious office

Yesterday was my four-year anniversary at ROAD Magazine and at the end of the month is my birthday. The former I’m happy about, the latter not so much. While I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot here at ROAD, I thought now at my age I would be at least running a third world country or assistant manager at Starbucks. My parents are still surprised that I make a living writing about bikes, even after I showed them my office and paycheck! Anyways, thanks for reading ROAD and look for more stuff to come from us here at H3Publications.


  1. Anonymous says:

    lets get a nice cruisey long birthday ride going. we can come out your way, you can come to the coast, we can go up to slover’s hood….

    drop him an email.. you can’t not do a birthday ride. we’ll grab nate and cameron and whoever you want.


  2. bikesgonewild says:

    …i say congratulations on the 4 yrs at the mag & well, the birthday thing, sheesh, what can ya say ???…mine is in the first few days of next month & i’m so old i hafta pay someone w/ an abacus to even figure it out…

    …i’m still waiting for you to pass on best wishes to yer folks for last months irish national holiday !!!…

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